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A Plus B Equals C: A Poker Player’s Value is Judged by His/Her Bottom Line

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Some poker strategies will amaze you with their ease. This is 1 of them. Take down your outcomes, every time you wager.

Cult of holdem Psalm #4:

Thou have to record thy wins and thy loses; for it's the grand total of all a mans achievements which create his/her bottom line.

How accurate is your decision. I tend to think that hourly specifics and that type of personal information is not needed. Basically work out how far in front you are and how much (if any) you have taken out. Naturally, if you are beaten, note that too, no matter how much it hurts.

Do not neglect to record what type of poker you're wagering on, if that is significant to you. (In my expertise, most folks stick to what they know and don't experiment. If all you do is keep up, loses and withdrawals, you're light years ahead of most gamblers out there!)

Give yourself realistic ambitions, like a 'dream' target (new car, vacation or anything else). When you withdraw, add the $$$$$ taken out to your dream counter. The greater the success you have, the nearer that dream will be!

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